Yardstick Of Quality Transformation Is Not Automation But “Quality”
November 20, 2023

Organizations are increasing their spending on tools in quality engineering. Controls are shifting to technology. 73% of an organization’s spend is on automation for testing.

Unknown: Building A Product With Features Solving Problems In A Way That Customers Never Thought Of
November 13, 2023

Automation testing tools are extremely important to carry forward the checking of bugs, functional abnormalities, and so on, which need to be fixed to ensure the proper functioning of any software. One such automation testing tool is the Digy4 Dashboard which has some of the unique features that help in solving problems in a more effective way for testers. In this article, we shall explore the unique features of DigyDashboard and understand the problems it solves.

How having historic view of Test Suite, Test Case, and at Test Step help with the test analysis in DigyDashboard
November 6, 2023

Testing processes are one of the fundamental processes involved in the life cycle of software. In a broader aspect of software development and quality assurance, tools for test management have been in huge demand since every globalised company has now shifted into the digital realm for expansion and serving a global audience.

How Can I Speed Up My Testing Process?
October 25, 2023

In today’s world, where continuous development is on the go, providing high-quality software right on schedule can make or break one’s capability of staying at the forefront of the competition. Evaluating the system and its individual components to see if they meet the end user’s requirements is much more crucial than developing the system.

DigyDashboard – Command Center For Quality
October 20, 2023

Enterprise software has become complex over time. Right from monolithic to microservices, from client-server architecture to cloud-based applications, and several other factors contributing to the complexity of the applications.

Real Time Test Results with DigyDashboard
September 26, 2023

Experience the future of test result tracking with DigyDashboard!

How Can I See All Test Results In One Place?
September 13, 2023

Having access to all test results in one location is critical for successful test management and quality assurance. It not only makes tracking testing progress easier, but it also provides a full summary of the product’s health.

How exactly does DigyDashboard’s log capture functionality help teams identify issues quickly and efficiently?
July 28, 2023

How exactly does DigyDashboard’s log capture functionality help teams identify issues quickly and efficiently?
Here are a few key benefits……

Does Test Management Tools provide Comprehensive Reporting ?
July 26, 2023

Most test management tools provide some level of test reporting, covering common metrics such as test coverage, execution status, defect metrics, and velocity metrics.

Test Reporting – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
July 25, 2023

Test Reporting is an area that has been long overlooked in the world of software testing.
Historically, it was mostly a manual process or reliant on open-source tools or homegrown solutions.