Testing Was Missing Its Universal Cloud, But No More – DigyCloud Fills The Gap

Universal Testing Cloud is agnostic to the tool, framework or testing platforms you use. A cloud that comes with out of the box integrations and components that are specifically developed with testing in mind, both opensource and commercial.

DigyCloud is a universal cloud built for testing and is an ecosystem of application that streamlines your testing operation into one homogenous Platform.

Cloud has been a game changer in the technology world.  Cloud is scalable, vertical and horizontal, based on the need. Software cycles can be accelerated without worrying about building the infrastructure from scratch, which would include, back up, security, performance, uptime and many more enterprise features. Most cloud products come with out of the box integrations that are compatible with several market-based tools.

The acceleration in development and deployment now needs testing in order to keep up. Especially with AI based code generation help, we need a system where more code can be tested in the shortest time.

AWS cloud, Azure and GCP are mostly geared towards Dev and DevOps. Testing is a core functional area that is not covered by the existing cloud providers.

Some testing vendors took the initiative to build a testing cloud. But vendors have their own set of tools. They built a cloud product that is only compatible with their tools. But what if you have wide variety of tools and frameworks used across your origination, both open-source and commercial? That doesn’t work.

As most of the organizations have moved on from being a one stop shop in testing, the propriety clouds provided by tool vendors don’t solve the problem.

Testing has come a long way in automation. On average, organizations use automation for more than 50% of their testing. They use on average more than 4 tools in their testing operations.

Due to lack of commercial solutions, organizations end up building cloud solutions in house using tools that integrate with their existing tool set. Teams often end up spending 50% of their automation budget building in-house integrations and maintaining them. This scenario is the same for both commercial and open-source tools.

Even after spending money buying tools, teams often find it difficult to transition into continuous testing.

They often end up transferring the work to the DevOps team, who doesn’t have the testing tools experience to do the job and lack motivation to support QA.

Digy4 Integration Hub is the perfect solution to build a centralized platform with out of the box integration. In our DigyCloud blog series, we will talk about how an Integration hub can solve the challenge and help transition organizations to continuous testing.

Adoption issues:

Organizations often use different automation tools in different groups for the same type of automation. It creates a challenge to have a unified flow of testing tools and the data they creates, across the organization. Again, if you limit teams to one tool that offers one functionality then you limit the possibility to explore the best options.

Lack of standard operating procedures creates a problem in adoption and the ability to scale automation up. As automation increases, teams find it difficult to manage and scale.


Reporting is another area where there haven’t been any enterprise level universal tools.

Organizations typically handle this in three ways – Using html-based reports, which are static data, test reporting capabilities from test management, which provide an enterprise level view and historical trends that are limited when it comes to working within the vendor ecosystem.

BI tools that offer enterprise reporting but require a significant amount of money to build in house, and only a few companies can afford to build and maintain these reports.

DigyCloud DigyDashboard is the solution for the universal enterprise level dashboard. It is ready to use and scales up to enterprise level, integrating project management tools, test management tools, automation frameworks, both open source and commercial and manual testing reports as well.

DigyCloud DigyDashboard includes a role-based dashboard that meet the needs of management as well as the engineering team. A tool that connects your testing tools to create a single pane view of testing.


AI is a challenge in Testing as we don’t have the testing data on cloud. Migration to one cloud for testing will make the AI more and more accurate and comprehensive. DigyCloud DigyAI is a new way to take a look at AI for testing. DigyAI is a universal AI that can work with the testing data on DigyCloud irrespective of the tools it comes from. With the power of cloud – DigyCloud and data, DigyAI promises to be the next big thing in testing, changing the way we do testing.

Overall, DigyCloud with a universal approach, is built to solve the deep-rooted missing part of testing, – Universal Testing Cloud. You pick your tools; we integrate them together to provide an end-to-end pipeline with governance and AI. One cloud, one subscription – we transition you to a platform engineering of testing.