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Digy4 360 Cloud Pipeline Governance

What is 360 pipeline governance? Dor any cloud testing pipeline to be effective, 5 components are involved. Test Management, Test Data Automation, Code Repository, Test Execution and Test Reports. If these components cannot talk to each other, overall functioning of the cloud testing pipeline is not going to be effective for an organisation’s quality engineering. But if these components can talk to each other and pass information between each other, the overall flow of information from Test Management to all the way up to Test Reports is going to be very effective and seamless. But how do we measure the effectiveness of this cloud testing pipeline. This score card what you are about to watch is about measuring each of the above component’s health and how effective they are.

Cloud First Approach for Testing by Digy4

Migrate your test automation pipeline to cloud to accelerate your testing and scale on demand at optimized cost. Testing has outgrown the concept of automation first approach. Digital transformation is the name of the game now. To keep up with the pace of digital transformation, organizations need to adopt a cloud first approach in testing as well. Before organizations can adopt this approach, it is imperative that they understand what cloud first approach is. Only then it can it be a game changer for organizations and position them as market leaders.

Shift Left – It is possible than ever before! Watch out for what’s coming!

Testing closer to code than to the the right side of the pipeline, is faster, cheaper, increase productivity per merge request and reduce production incident and makes your customer happy! DigyKube BYOC help you achieve Shift Left and align with the key best practices of CICD pipeline, including Fail Fast, Fail Often, Test Fast and Shift Left.

DigyKube BYOC : Pathbreaking Solution: Highly Scalable Browserfarm Solution in Your Own Cloud

DigyKube BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) is a path-breaking browser farm product from Digy4 DigyKube BYOC is a highly scalable, cost-effective product that allows you to set up your browser farm in your own cloud. It enables organizations to scale at large to hundreds of browser tests running in parallel. Quality does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. DigyKube BYOC is aligned to the key best practices of a CI/CD pipeline, which helps you to release to production more frequently and with quality. Testing doesn’t need to be an after thoughts, even your developers can run their tests more frequently and adopt shift left.

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