Top 12 Things Customer Could Do After Buying CXO Dashboard

When a customer buys DigyDashboard product with CXO feature, flagship feature of DigyDashboard, they would likely leverage its features and capabilities to derive significant value for their teams and projects. Here are the top 12 things or values customers might prioritize with DigyDashboard:

1. Holistic Visibility into Project Health:

 Gain a comprehensive overview of project health by integrating Jira and Xray data along with automation and manual results, providing a centralized location for monitoring.

2. Efficient Debugging with Visualized Automation Results:

Use the test automation results dashboard to visualize automation results, aiding teams in quick identification and debugging of issues, improving the efficiency of the development and testing process.

3. Key Metrics for Informed Decision-Making:

Leverage widgets to access critical metrics such as UI vs Automation, Automation Coverage, Test Coverage, Defect Trend, Automation vs Manual, Coverage vs Execution, Test Execution Rate, and more to make informed decisions.

4. Monitor QA and QE Metrics

Make use of the fact that you have a platform to show you metrics on QA Tool, QA Framework, QA Objective and QA Success, you don’t have worry about second guessing metrics from tools developed for non QA activities

5. Identify Automation Champions and Best Practices:

 Identify and celebrate teams that maintain automation stability above a certain threshold (e.g., 90%), fostering healthy competition and encouraging best practices.

6. Defect Effectiveness Analysis:

 Evaluate the effectiveness of your automation efforts on the test reporting dashboard in catching defects early, helping teams refine their testing strategies and improve overall software quality.

7. Optimized Resource Allocation:

 Use the data on Automation vs Manual testing to optimize resource allocation, ensuring that the right tasks are automated for efficiency and effectiveness.

8. Enhanced Test Planning and Execution:

 Utilize the insights provided by the test automation results dashboard to improve test planning and execution, aligning testing efforts with the most critical areas based on coverage and execution data.

9. Improved Collaboration Across Teams:

 Foster collaboration between development and testing teams by providing a shared platform for viewing and understanding project metrics, promoting a culture of transparency and shared responsibility.

10. Practitioner to Management – All in one platform

The CXO Dashboard, is a versatile tool accessible to developers, testers, managers, directors, and VPs. Developers benefit from quick identification of code issues, while testers refine strategies based on comprehensive test coverage and execution insights. Managers make data-driven decisions using metrics like automation coverage and defect trends, while directors recognize champion teams fostering a culture of excellence. VPs and CXOs gain a strategic overview, assessing the impact of automation on software quality. This unified platform empowers diverse roles to enhance decision-making and contribute to project success.

11. Integrate Not Migrate

Bring all your decision-making data on quality to one place, from unit test to results from multiple automation frameworks, from multiple browser and device platform output, from code-less or no code platform to metrics from project management and test management. If we don’t support a particular framework, you ask, we will integrate – [email protected]

12. Demonstrate ROI on Automation Investments:

 Showcase the return on investment (ROI) of automation efforts by demonstrating improvements in defect detection, testing efficiency, and overall software quality to key stakeholders, including executives and decision-makers.

 By focusing on these aspects, customers can maximize the value derived from one of the best test automation results dashboard DigyDashboard CXO Dashboard, making it an integral part of their software development and testing processes.