How having historic view of Test Suite, Test Case, and at Test Step help with the test analysis in DigyDashboard

Testing processes are one of the fundamental processes involved in the life cycle of software. In a broader aspect of software development and quality assurance, tools for test management have been in huge demand since every globalised company has now shifted into the digital realm for expansion and serving a global audience. 

Designing software is one of the fundamentals and this is where test reporting platforms like DigyDashboard have come into play. In this article, we shall learn about the different benefits of using DigyDashboard, especially having a historical view feature.


The DigyDashboard

DigyDashboard is a comprehensive testing reporting tool that is used by testers worldwide. This tool is known for providing a historical view of test suites, test cases, test steps which helps QA engineers/developers get an overview of the entire test scenario a particular software has gone through. 

Test automation reporting dashboard helps in making informed and effective decisions regarding the software quality. As you go through the article, the detailed importance of having a historical view regarding testing is discussed.


The Test steps

Test steps are the building block behind every test case. Having a historical view of test steps has its advantages, and are mentioned below:


The Test Case

Test cases are certain scenarios written by a tester on software to check whether it is working perfectly or whether there are any bugs or errors in its functionality. Therefore, having a historical view of automated runs of test cases can come in handy for tests all the time. Below are some of its advantages:


The Test suite

A collection of test cases when executed together is known as a test suite. It helps in an effective and organized way of carrying test cases. A historical view of the test suite is important as:


Test Analysis 

After all the testing processes, then comes the part of test analysis. This is nothing but a check of the overview of all the testing processes the software has gone through. This is the last and crucial step in the software testing process and is performed to make sure of the functionalities of the software, the time it takes to load, and many more such things that ultimately affect the software as an end-user product. 

The fundamental aspects behind a proper test, analysis include making sure of the proper working of the test cases, eliminating any last-moment bugs, checking how rigorously the software has been tested, and finally ensuring that all the issues addressed are resolved sequentially.


Final Overview

To conclude, the feature provided by DigyDashboard known as the test automation dashboard facilitates the historical view of test steps, test cases, and test suites is extremely useful as it can provide a quick overview of testers and based on that they can make informed decisions. Testing tools are widely used all over the world and testers make sure that we as the audience get the refined product without any hassles. 

DigyDashboard by Digy4 is a testing reporting tool with various features and enhancements that can be used for an enlightened view in the field of testing. Try it now!