We travel with you as partners , change the mindset , build the path to your quality destination.

Digy4 Talent
  • Large global network of trusted talent pool
  • Multi-level evaluation process
  • Evaluation by Industry expert
  • Focus on tech skill and soft skill
  • Champion mindset that can influence QE Acceleration
Digy4 Academy
  • Global expert-based training program
  • Rich confluence of self and trainer-driven courses from all aspect of Quality Engineering.
  • Hands-on opportunity to learn the latest automation technology within the Digy4 ecosystem
Digy4 Product Ecosystem
  • Wide set of ready to use tools and frameworks
  • "Adopting" instead of "Building" to accelerate enterprise QE transformation and save money
  • Access to Product development teams and architectural projects of leading industry products
Digy4 Ops Model
  • Top notch IT delivery management team from global organizations
  • Data driven and success-oriented program, project and operational Governance model and status reporting
  • Strategic guidance to teams based on regular engagement survey with customer

Quality Built-In approach
in software delivery

Through our deep expertise, tested methodologies and refined approach Digy4 establishes quality built-in processes in Quality Engineering, thereby ensuring quality is produced from Day 1 and not an afterthought.

Customer empathy based QA


Requirement based QA

360 Automation platform


Automation framework

Whole team QE


Test team QA


Quality Built-In


Quality as a after thought

QE as a culture


QA as a functional group

Quality Engineering Maturity Model

How prepared are today’s companies in understanding the Quality Engineering transformation journey?

Digy4 products focus on strategic guidance to the Quality Engineering industry to transform conventional manual processing into automated, cloud based and AI optimized, digitally-enabled process to accelerate IT deliveries with increased quality..


Leverage the historic data from data lake integrate power of AI to build a Predictive operation model


Set up the scalable and optimized cloud-based operations and build the data lake



Digital transformation to implement 360 Automation


Manual processes with some automated processes

Engagement Models -
Becoming Partners

Tools and technology Integrators

Develop and integrates next gen Quality engineering tools and platforms


Implementation of full-scale Quality engineering program in the organization


QE Engineering Strategy and Transformation Strategy

Resource Augmentation

Provide resources to be managed by customer

Services in the Quality Space

Our Services

QE Engineering

  • QA-QE Transformation Program
  • Automation Platform Development
  • Tool integration
  • CI/CD Set up
  • Chaos Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Service Virtualization
Our Services

Emerging Technology

  • AI/ML/NLP Testing
  • Big Data Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Chatbot Testing
  • IVR Testing
  • Microservice Testing
Our Services

Quality Assurance

  • Unit Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • API Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Cross Browser and Cross Device Testing
Our Services

User Experience Testing

  • Usability Testing
  • Sentiment Capture
  • Accessibility Testing
  • UAT Testing
Our Services


  • Organization Maturity Test Model Assessment
  • QA Centre of Excellence
  • QA Lab set
  • Agile Coaching or implementation
Our Services


  • Automation
  • Agile Testing


  • API Automation

  • RestAssured

  • Postman

  • Karate

  • PACT

  • SoapUI

  • CI/CD

  • Jenkins

  • CircleCI

  • Github Actions

  • actions

  • GitLabs

  • BitBucket

  • Performance

  • JMeter

  • Gatling

  • Blazemeter

  • UI Automation

  • Selenium

  • Nightwatchjs

  • Waitr

  • Cypress

  • TestCafe

  • TestNG

  • Playwright

  • Espresso

  • Appium

  • TestComplete

  • FitNesse

  • Cucumber

  • Appium

  • XCUITest


  • Visual Regression

  • Percy

  • Applitools

  • ImagaMagic

  • PixelMatch

  • Cross Browser Integration

  • DigyKube

  • BrowserStack

  • AWS Device Farm

  • LambdaTest

  • Perfecto

  • Saucelabs

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