How exactly does DigyDashboard’s log capture functionality help teams identify issues quickly and efficiently?

Here are a few key benefits:

Single Pane View:
By capturing and analyzing multiple types of logs, DigyDashboard provides teams with a single pane view of what’s happening during test execution. This not only makes it easier to identify issues but also helps teams gain a deeper understanding of how their application is behaving under different test scenarios.

Faster Issue Resolution:
With DigyDashboard’s advanced analytics tools, teams can quickly filter and search through historical logs to find the exact information they need to identify and resolve issues. This saves valuable time and ensures that issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Proactive Issue Identification:
By capturing and analyzing historical logs of tests, DigyDashboard enables teams to proactively identify potential issues before they become major problems. This can help teams avoid costly downtime and ensure smooth operations.

Smoother Communication:
Pass on the deeplink of the test details page to your developer or defect management system. Share information quickly for faster debugging.

By capturing browser console log, driver log, network log, terminal log, automatically – DigyDashboard gives 360 degree opportunity to analyse a test failure for root cause, effectively and faster!