DigyKube BYOC – first ever commercial browser farm in your own Cloud

The key problems we are trying to solve are quality and scalable UI automation Infrastructure. If you’re struggling to get faster feedback cycles when running UI tests, for every deployment, commit or every branch/pull request or if the cost of your cross-browser testing platform is too high, then DigyKube BYOC is for you.

Digy4s’ DigyKube BYOC is a highly scalable, cost effective, pay per use browser farm that allows you to run tests in your own cloud. Quality does not have to be expensive and time consuming. DigyKube BYOC is aligned to the key best practices of a CI/CD pipeline, which helps you release to production more frequently and with quality.

With DigyKube BYOC, you can implement CI/CD best practices such as fail often and fail fast, by running tests frequently in a scalable infrastructure at a faster rate. You can test fast and shift left by running UI tests in minutes instead of hours and can do so, closer to the code.

With scalable, on-demand browser farm, and more frequent runs, the task of analyzing test automation failures would also increase. That is where the DigyKube BYOC Dashboard comes into play, allowing you to drill down to your latest test reruns and debug them and spot problems in seconds verses minutes.

What are the benefits of DigyKube?

· Run hundreds of automated tests in a few minutes.

· Release your web applications/micro frontends to production faster.

· Pay a fraction of the cost on UI automation infrastructure.

· This runs within your own cloud and you will only pay for what you use.

· You are no longer restricted by limited concurrency to run your UI tests.

· Adopt Shift Left and scale it across your entire organization.

· DigyKube BYOC comes with its own Dashboard that helps you see your test automation trends, drill down to test case level, and see failures. This also allows you to keep a tab on the health of your automation and your application under test on the fly.

Interested in learning more about DigyKube BYOC?

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You can have your own browser farm with cross browser testing capability, within your own cloud and you can get up and running with out of the box implementation of DigyKube — BYOC, contact us!